We take no shame in stating that we are a small company, but we’re only just getting started! Implux Hosting is composed of three people. We also employ 24/7 support staff in which ensure our servers are online 24/7/365. Why is it an advantage to stay small? Because it enables us to provide a personal level of support that is un-matched by our oversized competitors.

Our Network
Implux Hosting is focused on providing highly reliable, ultra low latency network connectivity, suitable for any application. Our datacenter is fed by redundant fiber feeds from Hurricane Electric, Cogent Communications, and the Kansas City Internet Exchange (KCIX). We utilize Foundry routers and switches in a parallel redundant design, eliminating any one point of failure. All network connectivity originates in the restricted-access networking room and travels along a vast network of copper and fiber optic cable supported by ceiling mounted ladder racking. Customers can purchase bandwidth from our BGP blended redundant pool on a per megabit basis, but are also welcome to purchase bandwidth directly from Cogent, or Hurricane Electric directly.

Top Quality Service
99.7% Uptime Guarantee + 24/7 Monitoring + Weekly Backups + Stable High-Quality Servers + Personal Support = Top-Quality Service. Implux Hosting is dedicated to excellence! We strive to satisfy our customers. We care about each individual customer – You will never be shuffled between 3 departments and 10 people to get a single question answered – Each inquiry, whether it be billing or support related, is handled by the same person throughout the duration of the issue, start to finish. That’s the Implux Designs difference!

Why Choose Us
Implux Designs is dedicated to providing high-quality service at an affordable price. We believe that quality counts – not price. We run high-quality servers under 24/7 monitoring with our tech team watching and monitoring our servers 24/7. If for any reason our services ever go down, it’ll be back up in a matter of minutes. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like us, simply request a refund and we’ll even help you find a new host if you desire – so what do you have to loose? Give us a try!